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Tennis association fetes players, appeals for more courts

SATISFACTORY RESULT: The 7DLTA team after winning the losers’ pool title of The inter-division team Sarawak Closed Tennis Championships at Sarawak Tennis Centre. Standing from left are Adham, Patrick and Joseph while seated were Max, Leo, Mohd and Glyn respectively.

KAPIT: The chairman Seventh Division Lawn Tennis Association (7DLTA), Pemanca Badi Nuawi said if given the opportunity, tennis players here could shine like elsewhere in urban centre.

Speaking at a gathering held Monday night to honour 7DLTA team which finished champions in the losers-pool of the recent Inter-Division Sarawak Closed Tennis Championship held in Kuching, he added sportsmen from here had done well at state and national level despite the lack of training facilities and lack of exposure due to the remoteness of the town.

He cited javelin thrower Kebing who represented the nation at the South East Asia games, Robin Tiong the boxer in the previous Sukma, women hockey players, age-group young swimmers and two weeks ago, 17 years old boy, Kong Teck Lee from SMK Kapit who won the state level Mr. Junior Sarawak title.

Badi said despite the difficulty and high expenses of sending teams to compete in other towns 7DLTA had participated tournaments organised by the Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA).

“Since 7DLTA was registered in the early 1980s, we have made it a point to participate every year in these competitions,” he said.

He appealed to the government to build more tennis courts here as at present there is only one court to cater for the whole town.

“There’re so many tennis players here, about 40 regular recreational older players and an equal number of students following our Junior Tennis Development Programme and they have only one court to play in.

“Although we lobbied very hard, we had approached president SLTA, Dato Patrick Liew to request for allocation from the state government. In April just before the state general election, we wrote to Kapit Member of Parliament Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi as well as Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Razali Ibrahim for help to build another court. Both Alex and Razali have responded positively and we hope in near future to have more tennis courts”, he said.

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