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Tennis is life

Mr Max Wong represent Kapit Lawn Tennis Association give me souvenir
Bismillah. After 5 years of teaching career at SMK Selirik, my family and I finally said goodbye to Kapit, one of the most remote interior Sarawak. Kapit being the last frontier in Sarawak is the only place in Sarawak not connected by road and its only accessible by three hours boat journey from Sibu or six hours from Belaga, the last town along the Rejang River. 

Seventh Division Lawn Tennis Association (7DLTA) organized farewell party attending by most of the tennis players in Kapit in order to show the value of friendship. We are truly live the "1Malaysia Rakyat".

All these years, I has adopted myself to Kapit way of life to regard one another as close member of the society that I will  would missed them  very much. Hopefully, I was not the first and the only one. 7DLTA opens its door wide to welcome anyone interested in the game of tennis regardless know to play the game or wishing to learn how to play. Every afternoon after office hour, we gathered at the tennis court at Jalan Sri Baleh to play and chit chat
During my studies in the university, I began to play tennis. I love the game so much that it’s become part and parcel of my life. I always encourage friends to play tennis because this’s one of the game that you mix around with people from all walks of lives regardless of social position, religion or social creed. While, I’m in Kapit all these years, I made friend with Chinese, Iban and event Orang Ulu. I treasure our friendship very much. 

So thanx a lot to all 7DLTA members for the support. Im always miss you all.. 

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