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SAKURA U16 team with Mr Adham

August 27, 2016, Twelve teams from Kuching and Samarahan are in the fray for Kuching Festival – KRFC Under-16 Rugby Carnival to be held at Song Kheng Hai Ground.
MRSM Kuching B vs SAKURA for final Sheild

The event is jointly organised by Kuching South City Council (MBKS) and Kuching Rugby Football Club (KRFC) with the matches to start at 8.30am and the final is expected to kick off at 4pm
Line Up by MRSM Kuching B with SAKURA

The game will encourage them to be involved in healthy activities. Those talented and with deep enthusiasm for the sport can be developed further as better players who can play for the state and country. 

Rugby imparts a lot of values in life, especially when played at school level. It builds character and encourages lot soft skills. 
Respect game. After finishing the game, SAKURA vs MRSM Kuching B (19-10). 

Teams competing: SMK SHOAW, SMK Wira Penrissen, SMK Muara Tuang A, SMK Muara Tuang B, MRSM Kuching A, MRSM Kuching B, SMK Asajaya, SMK Sg Maong, SMK Hajah Laila Taib, Kolej DPAH Abdillah, SMK Tebedu and SM Sains Kuching Utara (SAKURA). 
MRSM Kuching

Grouping Result: Group A
SHOAW vs MRSM Kuching B (36-0)
SMK Wira Penrissen vs SMK Muara Tuang A (12-0)
SHOAW vs Muara Tuang A (26-0)
SMK Wira Penrissen vs MRSM Kuching B (15-7)
SHOAW vs SMK Wira Penrissen (21-0)
SMK Muara Tuang A vs MRSM Kuching B (10-0)

Kolej DPAH Abdillah

Grouping Result: Group B
MRSM Kuching A vs by (21-0)
SMK Asajaya vs SMK Sg Maong (12-0)
MRSM Kuching A vs SMK Sg Maong (26-0)
SMK Asajaya vs by (21-0)
MRSM Kuching A vs SMK Asajaya (0-10)
SMK Sg Maong vs by (21-0)

SM Sains Kuching Utara (SAKURA)

Grouping Result: Group C
Kolej DPAH vs SAKURA (14-0)
SMK Tebedu vs SMK Muara Tuang B (26-0)
Kolej DPAH vs  SMK Muara Tuang B (25-0)
SMK Tebedu vs SAKURA (33-0)
Kolej DPAH vs SMK Tebedu (5-17)
SAKURA vs  SMK Muara Tuang B (17-0)

SAKURA: Champion of Sheild


Saucer; Champion SMK Muara Tuang B

Sheild: SAKURA vs MRSM Kuching B (19-10)

Spoon: SMK Sg Maong vs SMK Muara Tuang A (12-0)

Bowl: Kolej DPAH vs SMK Penrissen (10-5)

Plate: SMK Asajaya vs MRSM Kuching A (24-14)

Cup: SHOAW vs SMK Tebedu (47-12)

Respect game: SAKURA vs SMK Muara Tuang B (17-0)

Congrat all teams who were playing well with sport spirit. 

SMK SHOAW: Champion of Cup

Hopefully, we will see again in other tournament. 

SMK Tebedu: Runner up of Cup

Thank all sponsor and everyone involve in this tournament. 

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